• How heavy products can Rochu claws grab?
    In most cases, the claws can easily grab products within 0-3kg. The more fingers there are, the heavier they can grab. For example, the longitudinal payload of a finger of A Type is 300g (slightly different subject to the surface roughness, friction, shape and acceleration of the actual product). A pair of fingers of A Type can pick up work pieces about 600g. The combination of 10 fingers of A Type can vertically grab products of 3kg. Thus, combination of more fingers need to be designed for grabbing heavy-duty products. B Type and C Type finger modules work the same way. For the design payloads of different finger modules, please refer to the Rochu Product Selection Manual.
  • Do you need to install software to use the drive?
    No. Rochu drive adopts standard I/O or Modbus communication protocol, and is equipped with a remote control. The parameter adjustment knob is integrated on the operation panel for plug and play.
  • What are the differences between ACU and PCU?
    ACU has built-in air pump and battery, which can work independently without connecting compressed air and power supply, but the pace is slow. PCU needs external compressed air, faster and longer service life.
  • Does a Rochu controller control multiple claws?
    A Rochu controller can drive multiple claws to work simultaneously. The fewer the number of fingers driven at the same time, the faster the reaction speed is. If two claws are required to move asynchronously, two controllers are required. For multi-channel control, in order to save installation space and cost, it is recommended to select the iPCU drive.